Beam Up the Laughter: Moxie Magnus, Comedian and Drag Queen takes on Star Trek


9 appearances (2012-2023)


  • Moxie has appeared at Outlantacon (and sometimes Gaylaxicon) beginning in 2012. She last atteneded Outlantacon in 2023.

  • She has performed her variety show, hosted parties, done panels, etc.

  • The highlight of Outlantacon is the game shows. Moxie is a fixture as a panalist on Matchgame and Hollywood Squares.

11 appearances (2011-2022)

Starbase Indy

  • Moxie is a permanent fixture at this Hoosier convention. She has performed at the convention every year (barring Covid) since 2011.

  • Moxie has introduced and opened for her the fantastic Star Trek band Five Year Mission.

  • Moxie has MCed the mascarade contest for many years.

  • Moxie has done interviews of media guests on stage.

  • Moxie has done countless panels at the con.

18 appearances (2012-2019)


  • Wholanta, formerly known as Timegate welcomed Moxie from 2012 until the con ended its run in 2019.

  • Moxie entertained in both variety shows and her own show.

  • She did numerous panels over the years.

  • She also did live updates at the con called "the Moxie minute".

  • She also did a special online performance with Wholanta in 2020 during our Covid lockdown.

7 appearances (2008-2019)

Dragon Con

  • Moxie officially joined DragonCon as an attending professional in 2013 where she judged the Miss Star Trek Universe pageant.

  • She continued working at DragonCon until 2019.

  • Moxie attended the con several years before becoming an official guest. Her very first appearance was in 2008 at DragonCon.

  • At Dragoncon she has hosted parties, taken part in game shows, and been on panels.

2 appearances (2016 and 2018)


  • Moxie was a featured performer at Conjuration in 2016 and 2018.

  • She has did improv with audience participation, performed her act, and participated in other panels

2 appearances (2013 and 2017)

Timelord Fest

  • Moxie was a featured performer at this Florida event in 2013 and 2017 created by Ken Spivey.

  • She entertained the attendees with her ukulele and her jokes.

1 appearance (2016)


  • In 2016 Moxie performed at Cleveland ConCoction, in Cleveland Ohio with her old friends Five Year Mission.

1 appearance (2016)

Wizard World Chicago

  • Moxie appeared at the Chicago Wizard World with her old friends in Five Year Mission.

2 appearances (2014 and 2015)

New York City

  • Moxie performed two shows in New York City just off of Times Square in 2014 and 2015

  • These two shows ran during New York Comic Con.

1 appearance (2015)

The Backdoor

  • In 2015 Moxie Magnus wrote an oped for the Advocate magazine. As a result she was invited to perform at The Backdoor in Bloomington, Indiana where she did her one woman show.These two shows.

2 appearances (2012 and 2013)

Trek Trax Atlanta

  • Moxie MCed at Trek Trax Atlanta in 2012 and 2013.

1 appearance (2013)

Farragut Fest

  • Moxie played her Ukulele at Faragut in Kingsland, Georgia in 2013

1 appearance (2013)


  • In 2013 Moxie was a featured guest at InConjunction in Indianapolis, Indiana.

So much more...

Moxie Anne Magnus a natural on the mic.
Moxie Anne Magnus a natural on the mic.


  • During the Covid pandemic of 2020, Moxie had several online performances.

  • She has also done local gigs in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia. She's done Standup, MCed for live comedy nights, performed at open mics, and played ukulele.

  • Moxie has a webcomic, Tales From Salonbay, on Instagram.